President Chamisa’s Touching Statement On Deteriorating Health Services
8 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The people of Zimbabwe are suffering as a result of poor leadership in the country.

This was said by CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa.

He was commenting on the deteriorating health services in the country.

“Zimbabweans are a great people who do not willfully purpose to be a burden on SA’s health system. Zimbabwe’s neighbours should not have to carry the burden of poor leadership,” said President Chamisa.

He also commended Zimbabweans in the diaspora for tirelessly supporting relatives and friends in the country.

“APPRECIATION TWEET for Zimbabweans in the DIASPORA. Thank you for everything you are doing to support the cause and families in Zimbabwe. Your support has been phenomenal. You are special and awesome. You are the real deal. Ndimi mune yese! Yini elizibambileyo!#FakaPressure.”