Dairiboard Employee Commits Suicide At Company Premises
12 September 2022
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Harare- A Harare man employed by Dairiboard as a boilermaker committed suicide at the company premises along Simon Mazorodze road Monday morning.

The man is only identified as Makore and his lifeless body was found hanging in the warehouse.

Sources told Express Mail Zim that he had problems both at home and at work.

“He had issues both at home and at work and he has been complaining daily but we did not think it would come to this,” said a workmate who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The development comes barely two days after the commemoration of World Anti Suicide day .

Lately, the rate of suicides among male citizens in Zimbabwe has been on the rise owing to mental health challenges and deteorating economy.

“Most men harbour their problems and choose not to share trying to be macho.

“Society has painted this picture that potray men who cry as weak and this has triggered suicides.

“The state of the economy is also a factor as most men are  struggling  to provide for their families causing depression,” opined Rita Chinhengo a social work student at a local university.