Masimirembwa Leaves Meeting In A Hasty As Housing Cooperative Members Bay For His Blood
12 September 2022
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By A Correspondent| Zanu PF chairperson for Harare Goodwills Masimirembwa had to leave in a hasty on Sunday after unsuccessfully tried to address members of the Mukuvisi Takashinga Housing Cooperative who are bitter with him over his involvement in the allocation of stands in Msasa Park.

The residents accuse the veteran politicians of not acting in good faith when dealing with the company that availed land to them.

The residents allege that unscrupulous people were taking advantage of their plight and taking money on their behalf which has not reached the owner of the land.

“Honestly, you are not welcome here. We want to deal directly with the owner of the land. We are tired of empty promises. We have strong reasons and belief that he is double dipping,” said an infuriated resident.

The residents said the company Msasa Park Pvt Limited wrote to them an offer letter in 2012 before revoking it after being infuriated by the conduct of people like Masimirembwa.

“I wish to advise you as follows that the company generally agrees to offer to Zanu PF Mukuvisi Takashinga District the undeveloped stand situate in the peripheral area of Msasa Park on terms and conditions agreed and that the offer of the said undeveloped stand is subject to a clear survey of the stand as appears on the general diagram,” reads the letter.

Masimirembwa said he was in the meeting when contacted for comment.

“I have been helping the people and I will continue to help them because it is my mandate. However, I cannot say much because I am in a meeting,” he said.

However, Zanu PF through Masimirembwa has written a letter distancing itself from members who have taken the case to the High Court.

“Zanu PF Harare Province is involved in the positive discussions with Msasa Park Pvt LtD to ensure regularisation of the illegal settlement established by heartless illegal land barons. No evictions have taken place since 2013 despite the land owner having the right to do,” reads the letter.