Scores Turned Away From National Identity Registration Exercise
13 September 2022
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By Susan Moyo and Murisi Baukwa

Scores of citizens were turned away at Mucheke Hall by the office of the Registrar General because the government department has no backup generator.

Masvingo City is experiencing long hours of load shedding.

The Zanu PF government has failed to provide consistent electricity supply to Masvingo since July 2022.

The Registrar General office birth certificate and national Identity cards blitz, scheduled to run from 08/09/22 to 14/09/22 at Mucheke Hall, has been greatly affected by government’s failure to provide a backup generator.

The civil servants at Registrar General office’s working at Mucheke Hall are spending long hours idle.The Blitz had budgeted 7 days for Mucheke Hall but it seems less than three days were effective working days.The government is shortchanging citizens.

“Do you think the government was going to fail to provide a generator in Mwenezi? Zanu PF does not want Urban voters.This is a well crafted voter suppression strategy.

This is a well coordinated strategy which involves Zesa, RG office, CIO and ZanuPF.This is daylight election rigging.” Evans Chamisa said at Mucheke Hall.

“I have been here since morning but magetsi aende kare kare.I will be here tomorrow again.I want the ID so that I register to vote for change.They might frustrate me but this is the only way to end this oppressive system.My vote will change Zimbabwe.All youths let us be determined to register.We must vote in our millions because a huge margin is difficult to rig.” Samson Shumba said .

Efforts to get a comment from the Registrar General’s office were fruitless.