‘Mai Sorobhi Died A Pauper Despite Yesteryear Fame’
16 September 2022
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Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Honourable Kindness Paradza said it was disturbing that with all the fame and talent veteran actress Mai Sorobhi died a pauper.

This came after the late Mai Sorobhi’s family sent an SOS as they struggled to clear the $37 000 hospital bill, which was later cleared following the intervention of Nyaradzo Funeral Services and government.

Paradza who was speaking in Kadoma at Content Creators Workshop Thursday held by Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) said it was about time artists earn from their content.

“Most artists are failing to monetize their content and it was saddening to note that people were asked to donate cash at Mai Sorobhi funeral, yet she was known and adored by many,” Paradza said.

While Paradza’s remarks laid bare how impoverished Zimbabwean artists are  critics argued that ZBCTV had for long time taken advantage of its monopoly by not paying creatives well or for the content.

Born Rhoda Mtembe, Mai Sorobhi died Monday aged 79. She was buried at Warren Hills Cemetery.

The veteran actress rose to fame in ZBCTV comedy called Paraffin where she played Mai Sorobhi.

So popular was the 1990s drama series that many stayed glued to the small screens during prime time.