Use Technology For Business Development
16 September 2022
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ZimAdsense offers a unique platform for advertisers and publishers to market promote their business concerns.

ZimAdsense works like the famous Google AdSense.

Below is a statement written by Startupbiz on ZimAdsense operations :

So this is for those who want to make money by having ads placed on their websites or blogs.

You start by signing up for a publisher account. You simply follow the prompts and fill in all the relevant information. Once you are done you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Next, you click on Manage Domain, then Add Domain. You add your website URL making sure it is the actual one you are using. If you use a different format, the ads will not display.

You will proceed to add keywords and then Save Changes. The next thing will be to verify you are the real owner of the website. You start that process by clicking the green tick below the Action tab. You must click on Download followed by uploading the .txt file to your Cpanel. When you are done you click on Verify Now. It will usually take anything between a day and 5 days for approval.

Once approved you can go to Advertisements and copy the ad types you want by clicking on Copy Script.

You will then paste them where you want them to appear on your website. It takes at most about 10 minutes before the ads start showing on your website. When everything goes live you are ready to make money; you can withdraw every Friday.

ZimAdsense looks like a good idea and we are hopeful that they are here to stay.

I recently spoke to one of the guys behind the ZimAdSense brand. He indicated that one can make around US$5 daily with daily traffic of at least 500.

You can check out more information on their website.

For more information about ZimAdsense signup here :

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