Zodwa Mkandla Reveals Huge Mansion On Video
17 September 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | The late Genius Kadungure’s widow, Zodwa Mkandla has for the first time revealed her huge mansion.

I’ve shown you my home not to show off, but to show you that it is possible as a woman to achieve it in life, says Zodwa Mnkandla speaking to Ghanaian youtuber Wode Maya.

The footage opens with drone footage of the massive property and a Bentley, upon which time, Zodwa says her husband was a lover of nice things, while suggesting her cars were purchased by her man.

This is a Bentley?, asks Maya, to which Zodwa replies, “yes this is a Bentley, my late husband loved cars.”

Zodwa Mlandla with Wode Maya