President Chamisa’s Aunt Dies
18 September 2022
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18 September 2022

Wezhira Munya

Last night Gogo Chamisa affectionately know as Mai Eucy died yesterday in Sosera, Gutu.

Gogo Chamisa (Mai Eucy) is the wife of the elder brother of President Chamisa’s father.

She will be buried today in the afternoon at her rural home in Sosera.

Confirming the death of Gogo Chamisa, Masvingo urban CCC ward 5 councillor Daniel Mberikunshe said, “Indeed Gogo Chamisa, Mai Eucy died yesterday evening in Sosera. She will be buried today in the afternoon. Our condolences to the Chamisa family and all relatives.”

President Chamisa will be at the funeral today.

Masvingo prominent lawyer advocate Martin Mureri, encourages all Masvingo citizens to join Chamisa’s family and relatives burying their beloved mother today at Sosera. In addition, advocate Mureri passed his condolences to President Chamisa and the entire family.

In another story, yesterday President Chamisa addressed more than
15 000 Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters in rural Chipinge West ward 16.

The Thank You Rally, was done after CCC ward 16 councillor defeated Zanu PF, National Constitutional Assembly and other small parties during by elections.