Alternatives For Zimbabwean Players Similar to GamStop
25 September 2022
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You may have heard of GamStop and you know how effective it is. You may also know that this platform is very effective in terms of preventing and alleviating problem gambling, although it has its inconveniences, too.

One of them is that if a recovered player wants to play at a casino again, they have to wait until their self-exclusion period is over. Fortunately, they can use NonStopCasino operators not blocked by GamStop and other similar resources.

Another problem is that GamStop is unavailable in many countries, including Zimbabwe. The workaround for Zimbabwean players is to use other methods that do a similar thing. They should help you distance yourself from online gambling and get the time to solve your gambling addiction. Once it is solved, you can play again.

Popular Software Solutions for Self-Exclusion

Below are listed some of the most popular programs similar to GamStop that Zimbabwean casino players can use instead. Some of them are free, and others you need to pay for, but their effectiveness is more or less the same.

So, the most commonly used self-exclusion programs in Zimbabwe currently are:

  • Gamblock
  • Net Nanny
  • Gamban.

Let’s analyze each of them.


Gamblock is one of the best methods here and the one that has been with us since 2000. It works well and one major difference compared to other platforms is the fact it uses an algorithm. What this means is that the app will scan the website. If anything related to gambling and betting is found on the site that site will be blocked. As such, you cannot visit these sites and you obviously cannot create a new account, place a bet or win anything.

In simple words, Gamblock looks perfect and it does work well. Once you install it on your device you cannot remove it. You can do this only when your self-exclusion expires and you will choose how long it will last when you are installing the app. There is no need to add that this app works well on all platforms. You can use it on your smartphone, computer, etc. It is not a free method but it does work well and it is available for Zimbabwean players right now.

Net Nanny

This is also one of the popular GamStop alternatives that you might have heard about. It is a piece of software and you can install it on any device you have. Keep in mind that this is not a free method but you can get it for cheap. The app started as a simple software that can block access to harmful or adult-only websites. But, in the early 2000s, it got the ability to block gambling and betting sites and has been used as a gambling blocker ever since.

Of course, the system and the algorithms have been updated countless times so it is a very effective method. As always, you need to install the app and choose how long you want to block online gambling. During that time you cannot remove the software. There is no way to do that. Once the self-exclusion expires you can remove the app if you like.

An interesting fact we can add here is that Net Nanny works with streaming sites and social media as well. What this means is that the app will block all the ads that are related to gambling and as such prevent severe complications and issues players may be exposed to. For some, this has been the best method and the one that is the most versatile and the most effective. For others, it has been the only platform they trust.


This app does the same thing as the first one here but it is more versatile. A player will choose how long the ban will last and install the app. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. In other terms, you can use it on any device you can use for online gambling so it is versatile. The app can be downloaded and installed within seconds and once done you can start enjoying your gambling-free device.

The app got some impressive rewards. These came from well-known organizations all over the world. Yes, we do believe that the software will get a lot more rewards simply because it works well and it does what it should do. The app is not free but works well and you cannot remove it as long as the self-exclusion lasts. You can remove it after only.

We believe that the software will become even more popular. It is easy to use and it doesn’t come with any downsides. Players find it appealing to use and many have been able to resolve the issues using this platform only.

Concluding Thoughts

Of course, Zimbabwean players would benefit from GamStop, but due to regional restrictions, they have to use the alternatives. The options listed above are available in Zimbabwe right now and you can choose which one you will use easily. Keep in mind that there is no need to use all of these options. Just pick the one you like the most and you can start with it. They are effective but they are not free. On the other hand, GamStop is completely free which makes it one of the more appealing options and one Zimbabwean player does need.