I Dont Hate Chamisa Neither Am I A Zanu PF Dark Agent: Ngarivhume
26 September 2022
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Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has demanded the opposition to mount a strong response to the escalating cases of corruption saying endless questions around the silence of CCC leader Nelson Chamisa does not mean he hates him.

Below is Ngarivhume’s thread;

Good morning Zimbabwe. We need to have a mature conversation about what we in the opposition are doing. I don’t hate Nelson Chamisa as some would suggest and I am not a Zanu PF dark agent.

My posture is that of strength and not weakness. When we cower, the enemy gets bolder. Lawfare in this country is at an all-time high, corruption has exploded to unheard of levels.

A strong response from the opposition is the only way to slowdown these trends. Now more than ever as citizens we must project strength to save this country.

We need to stop playing politics and apply rational thinking, something the regime dreads. As citizens we must draw a line in the sand marking a boundary that can no longer be crossed without consequences.

Emmerson Mnangagwa needs to know that he is not a king. He is bound by our laws and the constitution like everyone else. He is not above the law, and he is not the law.

We need to stop the noise and start solving problems looking at root causes and not symptoms. This means going to the very institutions that are failing to perform their functions as prescribed by the constitution and holding those responsible for those failures accountable.