Community Manager Role at Non GamStop Casinos
27 September 2022
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Although online casinos seem like an easy project to set up and operate, it is a very complex business and is not much different from any traditional casinos. To launch any non GamStop casino, the investor must raise a capital of at least $1 million. Moreover, he has to pay licensing fees, rent game content, integrate various payment methods, and pay employees. In terms of spending, every company with at least one gambling site needs to spend €100,000 per month and get twice that amount to make a modest profit for the owners after tax.

For this project to be successful, it must utilize intense advertising to recruit more new players every day. When advertising comes, the role of community management comes in! Just like traditional casinos, online casinos also have a community management, but how does a community manager work at non GamStop casinos and what channels does he use?

In short, community management is the process of building a real community between a company’s customers, employees and partners through different types of interaction. It’s how brands use to create a network where they can connect, share, and grow.

In this article we will look at the role of a community manager within gambling platforms, such as casinos.

Community Management in the Non GamStop Casino Industry

Gambling is associated with winning or losing money, and therefore advertising for it may lead to problems in terms of legislation, and here comes the role of the community manager who has to participate in the management and design of advertising campaigns for gambling brands without causing public resentment or angering legislators. However, despite these strict frameworks, the community manager must be creative and also be able to communicate with the masses with skill and caution.

The Role of the Community Manager in the Non GamStop Casino Industry

A good community manager working in a non GamStop casino would not be someone who encourages irresponsible gambling, but rather “gambling for fun”. If the brand specializes in sports betting, the role of the community manager will revolve around “bet on your beloved team”. Although these concepts seem to be quite similar, the nuances are very important when creating advertising campaigns and communicating with your target audience.

Content Produced by the Community Manager

The content that the community manager will produce will be much oriented towards prevention, recalling all the constraints of gambling, and putting in front of unscrupulous actors. It is a means of pruning and therefore of sorting out the best non GamStop casinos. It is not uncommon to see comparative content with the aim of informing and being considerate towards certain online platforms.

The CM will work a lot on the subject of entertainment, because you have to see the game as such. A principle that recalls that entertainment in times of crisis had exploded, because it became a refuge for many. Online gambling like video games had their heyday from 2019 until the beginning of 2021.

Events Around Casino Games & Competitions

If we isolate poker, which is part of online gambling, we must know that it is a world where real stars and enthusiasts rub shoulders. There are many online competitions as well as physical events. It’s a rich world where the community manager can find material to produce content, such as highlighting player profiles and especially among the stars to create a little buzz.

Nothing prevents a community manager from going to the meeting places when they are physical and thus being able to bring to life and share the adrenaline rushes experienced by the players around a table. It is a way of dealing with the universe by bringing a human dimension. Behind each screen are players, famous or not because everyone remains in a form of anonymity.

The online game can then become a springboard to participate in physical events later. The role of the community manager is just here to show the entertainment side and all that poker can offer as such, such as bluffing!

How to Give a Positive Image to an Online Casino?

In terms of gambling, we can completely bounce back on influence marketing and conclude partnerships with influencers. The latter being proven players, who can even become brand ambassadors. It is therefore necessary to capitalize on the right profiles and once again, to bring a human dimension and to know how to share a passion like any other.

It is not forbidden to introduce humor into your communication, because it is about entertainment and this can include a dose of offbeat humor to improve engagement with your community. A communication should not only focus on its sector of activity, because it is also necessary to know how to break certain rigidities, break down barriers, “hear-says” etc.