Zimbabwean VS UK Gambling Commission: What is the Difference
30 September 2022
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Here we are going to discuss Zimbabwean vs UK Gambling Commission. These two commissions or better said organizations do the same thing but in different ways. No, they are not the same and there are a lot of differences you need to know about. Below we will take a deep look into each one and help you understand their similarities and differences. It should be an interesting topic so without further ado, let’s begin.

Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board

In Zimbabwe, we have the Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board that controls all forms of gambling. However, this board will control land-based gambling and lotteries in the country. We know that they offer a one-time license and an operator for that has to pay $250.000. This applies to casinos and betting sites. If an operator needs to prolong the license or needs to make any adjustments the fee will be $50.000. Once again, this applies to casinos in the real world and also to sports betting sites. Both of these are very popular in the country. There are 20 casinos in the country.

There are over 16 million people in Zimbabwe and these days 50% of them have access to the internet. They also use smartphones for gambling online. However, the board in question doesn’t still control online gambling. It is heavily unregulated but we can see a lot of operators available here.

The next thing you need to know is that Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board is responsible for taxes. For instance, if a winner wins a sports bet, he or she will have to pay a 10% tax. On the other hand, if a person wins in a casino game the tax will be 15%. This is nothing unusual and in most countries, we can see the same thing or at least similar.

Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board are especially focused on land casinos due to the fact a lot of tourists want to come here and gamble. Some of the most impressive casinos are in the country and they are fair and safe, as you would expect.

We must add that Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board doesn’t have any platform or anything similar that can help players who have a gambling addiction. This means that if a player experience gambling addiction, he/she will have to use one of the self-exclusion tools or software that are available instead of something the Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gambling Board offers.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

UKGC or better known as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is responsible for controlling gambling in the United Kingdom, obviously. It is known as one of the best and strongest gambling authorities in the world and one of the most stable. What this means is that there are a lot of rules and laws the commission has and each operator must obey these rules.

The license is also expensive but it is mandatory for all operators who will want to serve their games to the people of the United Kingdom. This can be an issue considering that new casinos are unable to afford the license but they need one. It is also a complicated process of getting the license and the approval can take some time. In addition, there are many rules that can make the whole process even more complicated and time-consuming.

The commission is well-known for GamStop as well. This is a self-exclusion platform available for people from the United Kingdom. The idea is simple, A player will create an account at GamStop and choose how long he wants to be unable to place bets on casino games and sports betting. Once this is done, all casinos that have UKGC licenses or are part of the network will become unavailable and a player cannot play there. However, because of GamStop, not all British players like to play at UKGC casinos. As a result, many UK consumers select non-UK Gap casino sites, such as those on this page, but there is one caveat. Not every UK player can play at non-GamSop casinos, only responsible punters, that can control themselves can afford it.

GamStop is well-known across the world and we can see that other organizations and gambling boards are looking to develop the same thing. It is free and it works well. Players who have gambling addiction or who are worried about one should consider using GamStop. It has a huge potential and it can help people solve their gambling issues. A player can choose 6 month or up to 5 years long self-exclusion. This is one of the main advantages of the UKGC and also one of the requirements operators must meet. There is no way a casino can have the license in question but doesn’t offer GamStop support.

The Final Word

As you can see, the Zimbabwean VS UK Gambling Commission comparison is detailed and should help you learn more about these gambling authorities. Both of them have pros and cons but they do serve a purpose. At the end of the day, we can say that one of the biggest differences here is the lack of GamStop or other responsible gambling software in Zimbabwe. We hope this will change any time soon and gamblers in Zimbabwe will be able to get help when they need it and solve their gambling addiction once it for all.