Tsitsi Vera Died On This Day 29yrs Ago
1 October 2022
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By Farai D Hove | On this day 29 years ago ZBC presenter Tsitsi Vera died.

ZANU PF’a G40 faction accuses the new party leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa for her death. Their report which has remained unchallenged 5 years later, continues saying:

Her family blamed Mnangagwa for the incident which occurred at her flat which plunged her into alcoholism, drug abuse and a premature death. Mnangagwa showed up at her flat and immediately flew into a rage after he found another man there. The then justice minister ordered his bodyguards to switch on a stove.

the late ZBC presenter Tsitsi Vera

When it was red hot, the furious ED gave the man two choices, either to sit on the hot stove or to jump out of a third floor window. He was pushed out of the flat and landed on hard concrete, breaking his spine and now confined to a wheelchair for life.