“Mnangagwa Hoodwinked Us”
4 October 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zimbabweans say life under Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is hell on earth.

Mr Mnangagwa rose to power in November 2017 after removing his ailing 93-year- old boss Robert Mugabe via a military coup.

On Friday CCC leader Nelson Chamisa wrote on Twitter:
“Using one word or a few words, how would you describe life in Zimbabwe since Nov 2017? Blessed Friday!”

Below are some of the responses from suffering citizens…

A script out of a movie called ‘Out goes a thief, in comes an armed robber’

Mr President..Mapfumo gave us the two immortal words, Disaster and Mamvhemvhe ,in Ndebele it’s called “ inhlekelele” and ED keep on upgrading , now it’s Version 15.9.1 ,
Worse than a category 5 tropical cyclone
Blowhorns :
Takafarira N’anga neinobata mai.


Haa pakaipa President. The masses are languishing in poverty whilst the Elites are acquiring more wealth. The gap between the few rich and majority poor is widening everyday. They’re feeding from our poverty and fear, and I hope 2023 will be different.

Dave screamed:

Tanganda wrote :


Another social media user observed:
Jumping from frying pan to the fire. Takaitiswa, imagine it was always obvious that a 93 year old would soon die or fail to go to work.