Angry Mourners Bash Mom Of Minor Who Died While Giving Birth
6 October 2022
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By A Correspondent- Angry mourners yesterday bashed the mother of a Grade 7 pupil who died while giving birth at an apostolic church shrine in Bikita.

 Muparadziwo was assaulted by some mourners, who demanded to know why she didn’t accompany her pregnant daughter, Nokutenda Hwaramba, 15, to Bikita, where she died in labour.

Nokutenda was taken to Bikita by her father, Bernard Hwaramba, to his church’s shrine for prayers, when she complained of being unwell.

One mourner told H-Metro that the family was heartless, especially the mother.

“We are mothers who know how painful it is from pregnancy to delivery,” she said.

Nokutenda was a young girl and her condition was described as demonic by church members.

“Instead of taking Nokutenda to the clinic to save her life, they decided to follow their church doctrine.

“Furthermore, Loice did not bother to accompany Nokutenda to Bikita even though she was also pregnant.

We are waiting for a better explanation from Bernard and we do not want to see their church members here.

“They caused Nokutenda’s death by not taking her for medical assistance, describing her condition as evil spirits.

“Mai ava tanga tichida kuvarovera nyaya yekudzivirira murume wavo.

“Bernard has been abusing Nokutenda and we are aware of that.

“He blocked Nokutenda from being taken to her lover after neighbours discovered that she was pregnant

Hwaramba had been staying with Nokutenda, and two other children, following his separation from her mother Muparadziwo.

Muparadziwo has since remarried.

Hwaramba is expected to accompany his daughter’s body from Bikita.