Killer Zivhu Rips Into Makandiwa
6 October 2022
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Controversial politician and former Chivi South legislator Killer Zivhu has accused popular prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of paying a blind eye to the suffering his members are going through while endorsing supporting corruption by the elites.

Speaking during a church address, Makandiwa said, ‘corruption is corruption, but the one of chopping down half of the amount, USD5billion, is not at all corruption if the roads are constructed.’

Zivhu hit back saying Makandiwa’s life was going on well yet thousands of his church members had retreated to rural areas after going broke while seeding to him.

“Makandiwa their Prophet deleted my comment yesterday, but let me say it again, Mufundisi zvenyu zviri kufamba chose, from Chitungwiza to madheudheu, but do know kuti thousands of your church members are now moving kuinda kumusha, mari dzakapera vachiita seeding ku church,” said Zivhu.

Meanwhile, self exiled former Zanu PF cabinet member Professor Jonathan Moyo has also accused Makandiwa of being a rolling stone.