World Teachers Day, Celebration Statement | FULL TEXT
6 October 2022
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The 5th of October is World Teachers’ Day. The Gambia – Zimbabwe friendship association celebrates and appreciates all teachers around the world.  We are proud of Teachers in Africa and in particular Zimbabwe who soldier on in a challenging environment and still produce great results and excellent academics. 

Gambia Zimbabwe Chairman

We celebrate transformers and reformers of generations. On this day, we take the opportunity to convey our deepest gratitude to our teachers and mentors, who continue to play a part in building of society. 

Teachers are one of the most important people in our societies, while many are successful today, it could not have been possible without the support and influence of these great men and women who have moulded our lives. The act of positively impacting a generation through knowledge cannot be overemphasised.  It is by far the most noblest and most honourable things to do.  From all of us at The Gambia- Zimbabwe friendship association, we wish you a happy international teachers day once more.

Hon. Kemo Bajong 

Vice Chairman 

Gambia – Zimbabwe Friendship Association.