Man Caught Trying To Enter State House
11 October 2022
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A Harare man appeared in court on fresh charges of allegedly trespassing at the State House and impersonating a peace officer.

Nigel Ngoni Rubatsito appeared before Magistrate Dennis Mangosi and he was remanded to October 24.

Rubatsiro was not asked to plead. The court heard that, on July 17 last year at the wee hours of the morning Rubatsiro went to State House at corner Josiah Tongogara and Seventh Street and upon arrival he approached the security personnel and misrepresented to him that he was a member of Central Intelligence who had come for duty.

Rubatsiro demanded entrance into the premises and he failed to produce any identification and the security details identified him as the one who had previously tried to gain entrance into the State house on July 16.

The court said that the accused had no lawful right to commit this offense. -Herald