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15 October 2022
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The Story Of Controversial Preacher Isaac Makomichi


Who Isaac Makomichi?

A Masvingo based Cleric has become a household name for quite some time yet some don’t understand his mantra.

Isaac Makomichi is a pastor and a leader of the rapidly growing church MHD ministries. He is from a small and poor family.He was born on the 2nd of February 1993 in Zimbabwe.

He is also a business mogul, CEO of Extra Lavishers Web, a company which is known for supplying western clothes for special events like weddings, birthday parties and etc.

Makomichi rose to fame after he won a charity award in 2019 due to his works of paying school fees and buying books for orphans who lost their parents due to HIV and AIDS.

Philanthropy is what Makomichi believes in as he assists the marginalized communities with hand outs relating to food and empowerment project ideas. In Masvingo and beyond specifically Harare , Makomichi has had one on one meetings with several affluent people who wish to remain unknown.

Fake prophecy allegations

Some years back,about two people said Makomichi performed fake goblin miracles and duped them 450 United States dollars, they later on said they were lying against Makomichi because some pastors paid them to tanish his image and targeting to slow down his growing ministry.

Some media houses also claimed the same.


Isaac Makomichi is mostly known for three things which is charity works , preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and also as a passionate young entrepreneur who inspires other opharns to work hard.He grew up raised by his single mother and also his grandmother

Love potion controversy

Several people around Zimbabwe said they were helped by Makomichi to mend their marriages and relationships, some say it’s juju but according to eyewitnesses they say they were given anointed holly oil to pray with it and ask God to mend their affairs.

Makomichi is a visionary who doesn’t show of and treats people with respect. There’s need to get a revelation from those who had the time to relate with him. It is important to stay focused and embrace each one’s way of life so long as it’s benevolent.

Family and friends
reports say Isaac Makomichi had a daughter with Priscilla Muzondipeyi who is a former Miss Youth Queen and former Miss Heroes Queen, his marital status is not yet revealed.

Isaac Makomichi’s quotes

1.The money is out there

  1. The world needs more brave orphans
  2. Love by words actions not by words