LEAKED AUDIO: Wadyajena Trully Stole Cottco Money
19 October 2022
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By Simba Chikanza | The man speaking in a leaked audio is said to be Spencer Chuma the newly elected Gokwe MP, as he announces in a ZANU PF WhatsApp group that Justice Wadyajena stole Cottco money, allegations which are likely true. The man hints saying he is exposing Wadyajena because the latter insulted his father leading to his death, recently.

The challenge with this is that people create the corruption and later only come out to scream when it hurts them personally. These two, the Speaker, his accused Wadyajena, and Emmerson Mnangagwa all stole the country on 1 Aug 2018; they’ve been quiet all this while, and now are trying to chop the branches of corruption, keeping the root intact. How do you support Mnangagwa’s coup against Chamisa, and expect the corrupted govt institutions to operate free of Mnangagwa after that? You now want the same institutions to investigate Wadyajena, simply because he insulted your father? What of the 6 1August families who lost their dads, moms, where were you when they began crying 4 years ago?

Wadyajena is Mnangagwa’s son in law relative, so clearly someone who beds the coup leader’s neice. Do you think the courts will prosecute him? In a country where people are killed on accusations of merely protesting against Mnangagwa, does screaming corruption against his family bring any results? All this noise against Wadyajena seems to serve to strengthen than remove corruption; only feeding worthless anger than working to remove the rot.

There is no genuine outcry against corruption that does not include the call for Mnangagwa’s removal before Dec 2022, because he is the greatest criminal whose very presence is illegal.