Norton School Forces Parents To Pay USD130 For Uniforms
20 October 2022
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Good day to you our Sir.
We have noted your brave fight against corruption and for the disadvantaged members of our community. I therefore thought that our final hope rests in your hands. I would like to report a rather worrisome practice that is happening in Norton: I am looking for placement for my soon to be Form 1 child and I have been informed by the school authorities at both Vimbai High School and Chiedza High School that I have to pay an additional amount of about USD130 for school uniforms. I have been told that if I don’t buy these uniforms at the school, my child will not be given a school place. I have informed the ministry hotline number (shalom) and the District Officer but the practice is continuing as we have been give a cut off date of this Friday to purchase these uniforms.

The same uniforms are fairly priced at other outlets and I cannot afford the exorbitant prices been charged by these school authorities. Please may you advise me on any remedy as I fear my child and other kids of parents in similar circumstances will be unable to secure a place for their children.

Kind Regards.

Mrs **********