Nothing Lasts Forever, Mnangagwa Warned
26 October 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Decades of direct combat.

We are in Mashonaland East today, we reflect with prodemocracy activistsc elders and drivers of the Alternative on the journey we have traveled thus far.

In this video record in the formative stages of the opposition movement is now CCC President Nelson Chamisa

We have been engaged in this struggle because we are convinced that one day Zimbabwe shall be free.

Without conviction it can be difficult to run this race against an trigger happy regime.

We have in the process lost friends, comrades relatives and denied of some of our freedoms because of this struggle.

We do this because we know that there’s no struggle without pain, there’s no struggle without bruises.

Our lessons from decades of naked contact with state repression is that we must never dither- we forge ahead!

Nothing last forever.