No Fire, But A Lot Of Work At ZANU PF 7th Congress: Mavaza
3 November 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The seventh Zanu-PF Annual National People’s Congress in Harare closed after a week of intensive and fruitful deliberations and adoption of policies votes and nominations. Many people had expected fire works some even expected trouble in the cockpit. Detractors had tried to sow seeds of destruction tried their best to divide the presidium coming with a lot of headlines which were meant to divide ZANU PF.

Participants and delegates exhibited their discipline and the love of the party. ZANU PF came out of this congress stronger than before. Emerson Dambudzo MNANGAGWA was catapulted into 2023 with a Fresh Mandate by his endorsement as the president of ZANU PF and a sole candidate to represent the party in 2023 the campaign was ignited. ZANU PF should be congratulated, especially those who prepared presentations at short notice and those who attended for the party, not for their pockets.

It should be stressed that all congress deliberations, no matter how brilliant, will remain paper unless efforts are made to implement them. The congress noted that all policies deliberated in previous conferences were implemented.

Therefore, it is critical for all the relevant authorities to stay fully engaged and support policies and resolutions congress has come up with.

The most highlight of the congress was the unity exhibited by the presidium which clearly dispelled all rumours of disunity in the party.

President MNANGAGWA showed that he is a uniting power.

On the aspect of recruitment and campaign cde ED accepted in the party ZANU Ndonga. He then appointed Cde Wilson Khumbula to be a member of the Central committee.

Uniting ZANU NDONGA with ZANU PF was an effort which started long back spearheaded by the president with Dr Win Mlambo of Chipinge South playing a pivotal role.

The congress was closed by the president declaring that victory was certain and in ZANU PF DNA.
The congress witnessed the great job the president is doing. The president has created Morden jobs delivering people from poverty. During the congress the Cabinet ministers and journalists where literally shown how people are being lifted from a dumpsite to Morden houses. From rubbish to something.
Congress was reminded of the true owners of ZANU PF. The president said ZANU PF is owned by its founders,by the current generation and by the future generation. This spells the continuity of ZANU PF into the distant future. President MNANGAGWA urged patriots to keep the party alive.
Unlike other political parties ZANU PF is not about the president. It is about the people. ZANUPF has surpassed its detractors. Despite the demonising we are facing from the West Zimbabweans will reward ZANU PF with winning 2023. The president assured the people that nothing will stand in ZANU PF way.
President MNANGAGWA urged Zimbabweans to vote for ZANU PF to preserve the independence. Every five years we seek the mandate and it is the pillar of democracy to rule with a mandate.
The president warned corrupt members to desist as ZANU PF does not and will not support corruption.
ZANU PF Is a party full of ideas. It is the party for development. Zimbabwe has seen vicious developments construction of dams roads and all infrastructure.

We have come to the closing of this years congress after a long week of intensive and fruitful brainstorming about the implementation of the Resolutions.This year’s congress was historic because it was the congress well attended by many foreign diplomats. It was further Historic because it was one of the first congress not watered down by the rains.
Thus We should call upon all the stakeholders to stay fully engaged in support for the Policies and the implementation which certainly require it most. 2023 is the year of our victory.
We do not change a winning team.
We should surely commend again the Sponsor’s organizations, including funds and programmes, specialized agencies, as well as other international and regional multilateral organizations for their extraordinary support to the Congress and its entire preparatory process, both substantively and logistically and look forward to even increased collaboration with them. We should thank cde July Moyo for leading the logistic team cde Obert Mhofu Mpofu for his expertise in administration and indeed the army of cadres who made this congress possible.
We can not ignore cde Samora and his team who made order at the gates and during accreditation.
Let me highlight a few key points: Economy Productive capacity as the main focus of the country needs to be given high priority not only by agencies whose core mandate is closely related to the enhancement of productive capacity but also by all other stakeholders. It was encouraging to hear that many departments and organisations already have made commitments to streamline the Imports and give priority to Local production and that Zimbabwe is leading in development. It was more encouraging that all the projects being done in Zimbabwe are not done with foreign aid but with our own money. With respect to the inclusion of issues relevant to Production in local fora it is very encouraging that the Congress saw the implementation of resolutions made on devolution at provincial levels in previous conferences.

This was a step towards encouraging decentralization of the development. Each province is given the opportunity to benefit from its resources. This has seen peoples lives improved to above middle class and it will be fully achieved by 2030. This was not a bluff but a noble economical plan. But this is only going to happen if government and relevant departments continue advocating for implementation of these resolutions. The party opened up to constructive criticism and kept the domestic line open and flowing.

A broader market access, and economic growth has been made even despite the global crises. We need to intensify our efforts in these and other areas and implement the Resolutions and commitments in order to reach this ambitious objectives. It is also very clear that the implementation of the Resolutions made is closely linked to other Economic processes. Furthermore good governance at all levels is a precondition for the implementation of the Economic policy and thus issues related to good government were highlighted not only in the dedicated session but are also relevant in all other priority areas for action. Sharing of experiences and lessons learned has been mentioned throughout the week this is a crucial part for the meaningful implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the Economy and should be done more intensively at all levels. The conference was not the usual bootlicking gathering but it was business as usual.

With a view to ensuring the full engagement of all stakeholders in a coordinated manner, ZANU PF discussed a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the economy Programme of Action for the cash crisis fuel problems prices medical and pharmaceutical dilemmas.

Let me briefly highlight some of the main and most urgent actions for the coming months and years: Disciplining the party and forging unity peace and development. Opening the country for business. Tackling corruption and walking the talk on corruption. Fast tracking all high profile corruption cases. The mainstreaming of the Economy into national development strategies and aid strategies is one of the most urgent tasks at hand. The party needs full support in this respect especially at the country level.

Building on the country level experiences the regional component of the implementation and follow-up also needs to be strengthened involving all relevant regional and subregional organizations.

Establishment of a working group on the Indicators to monitor the implementation of the objectives, goals and targets of the Party.

With respect to monitoring and evaluation a more inclusive and participatory process, coordinated by the office of the president with substantive inputs from the whole system and beyond is needed. The president called upon agencies and organizations, to have Focal points.

The party has to set a list of deliverables, which are sustainable. This would have also be a useful instrument for monitoring, at different levels. The success story of Zimbabwe under the evil sanctions shows the resilience and humanity displayed by the Zimbabwean people.

Specific follow-up measures which includes the establishment of a Task force made development possible in Zimbabwe. The president through the created a joint gap and capacity analysis with the aim of establishing a workable live economy to be achieved.

The party also need to keep the momentum of engaging all groups of stakeholders, especially parliaments, civil society and the private sector to find a way out of our economic problems.
The president acknowledged all patriots again for their engagement in the process and wished those who had traveled to the congress a fruitful witnessing of the implementation of the resolutions. We look forward to continued and expanded collaboration in the coming months and years and a complete turn around of fortunes. The congress should not be a mere event but a proper barometer of our work. The survival of the party must justify the calling of a next congress where new mandates are given.

After the congress something must be seen. A complete U turn and good fortune must be witnessed. A congress must yield fruits and must be a focal point of progress. The way forward should be to walk the talk and reach the destination. The lies of disunity should be viewed with scorn. A total turn around should be seen after the congress. The leadership is rejuvenated. Thats the way to go. The commissariat had worked tirelessly to make the party a united entity. This congress was very electric and indeed a success. Without those who worked behind the scenes nothing would have succeeded.

Once again ZANU PF had done it and it should be applauded. The party has to remain resolute in the face of sanctions. The president implored the party to be vigilant and to be courageous in the face of difficulties. He urged party members to remain resolute in hunger and in times of plenty. Our problems are just birth pains they will produce blessings and success. Zimbabwe will pull through under the heroic guidance of ED and ZANU PF.

It is important to mention the wisdom and hard work exhibited by Vice Presidents. The naughty boy looked healthy as his social life was expunged from the political life. He got a new lease and no doubt he will work for the country. We noticed the God given charing skills by the beautiful madam chairman as she is called cde Oppah Kashiri the untiring work shown by all cdes at the party offices and structures will not go un mentioned. This congress was indeed a success and the first of its kind.

The president stuck to time finishing the proceedings earlier than before. Efficiency was indeed the emphasis and it did not fail.
The high light of the event was the appointment of the council of elders. ZANU PF belongs to all and needs all to build the nation. Brick upon brick we will build Zimbabwe.

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