CCC Ready To Govern
4 November 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Fellow Citizens- The Citizens Movement as led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa brings you- The Conversation a cutting-edge programme that will focus on the party´s programmes, developmental issues and citizenship.

In this platform we look inside the CCC and what it stands for as a party. Our primary aim is to educate Zimbabweans both home and abroad of the party´s values, principles and ready to govern road map. Our ready to govern road map will focus on what we will do for Zimbabweans when we assume Executive authority in 2023.

That Zimbabwe is in deep crises for long decades is not a new thing. What is not available is a clear message on what the new Zimbabwe will look like under a CCC government.

It is this void in the public domain that we seek to fill with The conversation bi-weekly show.

We intend to answer all your questions through our show. The show will also be participatory so that the people of Zimbabwe can contribute in ideas, advice and words of counsel on how best the people´s party can prepare to govern in 2023 and beyond.

Join us!!!