Mnangagwa Violates ZANU Constitution By Smuggling Mahiya Into Politburo
7 November 2022
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Dear Editor. As the ZANU PF ended on Sat, some issues were left outstanding. President is supposed to appoint 10 Central Committee members. Some of these are promoted to the politburo.

There is Douglas Mahiya who lost Central Committee elections, but after losing, he was supported straight to the politburo, violating the Constitution. You cannot be appointed to the politburo without being a Central Committee member.

They appointed Miriam Chikukwa to Central Committee, but Mahiya got promoted to the politburo without being put into the Central Committee. There was total violation of the Constitution.

Zanu PF keeps criticises other parties on constitution matters.

The Sec for Administration post was handed Obert Mpofu.

Mahiya was appointed Secretary for War Veterans.

Oppah Muchinguri was appointed Chairperson.