What Is A Tribute In Mining?
7 November 2022
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Business Correspondent| Three Wingers Enterprises, a Zimbabwean company that focuses on mining consultancy, farming and housing, has launched a programme meant to equip those interested in getting mines with essential guidelines.

According to Three Wingers, going through the legal route is fundamental in mining to avoid inconveniences and embarrassment.

See presentation below:

How to mine legal without a mine
Get a “tribute “

A tribute is an agreement with a mine to give you mining rights that allow you to mine on your own.

They are two types of legal tributes and third informal one
1 standard tribute
2 none standard
3 sponsoring ( informal and risky
Standard is designed by ministry of mines which gives the grantor ( mine owner ) 5% and tributor 95% full mining rights.
This is signed at ministry of mines .
2 none standard tribute are discussed by both parties and put in writing signed at ministry of mines
3 sponsoring is unofficial agreement ( risky ) but the most common across the country
N.B only agreements signed at the ministry of mines are legal recognized.

The other option is to buy an existing claim productive at an agreed price and payment option.
Each agreement signed attracts a fee.

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