Mavaza Accuses Coltart Of Seeking British Lords Money | FULL TEXT
12 November 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | OPINION | With elections coming in few months every political party in the country is putting the campaign a gear up. There are strict rules which are to be adhered to in the election ring. In the name of fairness no political party must be assisted by a foreign government in elections. This is done so that no country should create puppets from Zimbabwe. This makes sure that any incoming government is homegrown and not compromised by external powers. In most cases those who sponsor you will always want to smuggle their thoughts and their way of governance. The sovereignty of a country is protected by its people. Receiving electoral funding from external forces is entirely resigning your sovereignty for the khaki envelope.

Dr Masimba Mavaza

Zimbabwe faces elections and all leadership of the opposition have been dispatched to Europe and America to request funding. In actual fact they are going out of the country to present themselves and their party as a tool ready to be used in exchange of money.
The CCC unconstitutional Treasurer Mr David Coltart has been in the United Kingdom with an empty bowl asking for election funding. In actual fact Mr Coltart has been asking the UK to use him as they find fit as long as he gets funding for the elections.
In his trip of Shame Coltart met the sworn enemy of Zimbabwe Lord Oaths and several high ranking UK parliamentarians and government officials. Just how much has Mr Oaths managed to bag in exchange with Zimbabwe is unknown. But gushing by his traitorous smile he was promised something.
Mr Coltart met several business persons in the UK and most of these meetings were private.
This is a very disturbing pattern where every election period MDC which has exhausted the alphabet with its A to Z and now opted for triple C in order to get a free letter of the alphabet they claim unknown atrocities and demonise Zimbabwe.
Surprisingly since the MDC or CCC which ever new name they give themselves graced the parliament they had never even one day promoted or sponsored a motion to amend or introduce any electoral reform. They only propose these reforms in foreign land.
Zimbabwe had brought in the Patriotic bill and it is frustrating that the bill has not been passed yet. If there is any time the bill should be introduced is now. Surprisingly Zimbabwe is known for being afraid to enforce their own laws. Truth be told God forbid the day CHAMISA gets into power which he will need do, he will start with enforcing all those laws the ZANU PF MPs are afraid to pass.
The reason Zimbabwe needs a Patriotic Act as a matter of urgency is not only to protect its sovereignty but to produce a patriotic citizenry and to cast in the dust bin of history the country’s recent past which has been characterised by disloyalty, incessant and brazen interference by foreign governments colluding with their local sellouts whose despicable treachery has been destabilising the country over the past years. The CCC name has become the Zimbabwean term for “traitor.” They are the country’s own Judas, a party which sold out its country and its cause for a handful of silver. Or maybe it is an invincible warrior which finally exposes a fatal weakness.
The story of the CCC lends itself to classic drama. CCC might have been the hero of the URBAN areas exhibiting immense courage and leadership in songs and abroad.
But the use of Coltart to go fund CCC exposes the ugly past CHAMISA still sticks to n

We must never forget that many Zimbabweans died for this country. They paid the ultimate price for freedom. The elections we partake in every five years was watered by the blood of heroes who lie in the unmarked graves. Many were imprisoned without charges under the white-dominated regime of Rhodesia. They are offended when the CCC in the face of Coltart are treated as champions of democracy by those who sponsored the undemocratic rule of Zimbabwe during colonialism.
We must not forget that ZANU PF enjoyed the hero status after independence taking the poll position as a great Revolutionary party in the country and region.
Now this CCC Despite their treasonous utterances none of them has never been arrested. The new dispensation allowed them a free passage. Because we fought for freedom the CCC enjoy the fruits of the freedom.
But after becoming broke and out of touch with reality CCC in their different names later turned traitor, almost managing to hand over the nation to the Western world we had fought viciously before.
Popular opinion has simply dismissed the CCC as a “bad” party not worth thinking much about. But their handlers use this party to make the people of Zimbabwe suffer.
Starting with Morgan Tsvangirai now with Nelson CHAMISA
the legacy of the opposition is being marred in controversy. They have managed to crush their legacy and carelessly chuck it in the bin. What exactly is a traitor? A traitor is one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty,one who commits treason Coltart and CCC have been called a traitors to the zimbabwe’s cause. With Coltart running around with an empty bowl CCC is one party which betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason.
Zimbabwe today has very little appetite for complex thinking. We see good or evil, black or white. You’re for us or against us. CCC has shown all that they are against us as a country and have become traitors.
I order to curb such treachery Zimbabwe must hasten the Patriotic Bill. Coltart was supposed to be met by the law at the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Zimbabwe will not be the first country to craft such a law which, when all is said and done, is designed to protect the country’s interests and its citizens’ well-being and security.

While Harare has, to its credit, suffered this anomaly through the numerous engagement and re-engagement drives, the inescapable reality is that this country has been abused for far too long at the instigation of hostile foreign governments, mainly from the West, with the help of their local partners and the time has come for Zimbabwe to assert its authority on her sovereignty and territorial integrity.
We must realise that Australia, has enacted 82 anti-terror laws since the September 11 2001 attacks in the US.

This is the time to act an enact the Patriotic Act. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world.