Kikky Tears Into “Parasite” Passion Java
21 November 2022
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By A Correspondent- Passion Java, a notorious socialite, is on her tail, according to Kikky Bada$$, since she refused to play into his gimmicks.

In a series of recent social media posts, Java has made fun of Kikky’s looks.

Kikky Bada$$ said yesterday in a lengthy Facebook post that Java had a grudge against her since she declined his plea for them to fight on Facebook.

She stated:

For someone to call himself a prophet and to act like a 13 year old is beyond me. You’re mad that you were not a partner ? Lol how did I make you write a whole post about me . I want you to write in English so that I can tag your wife and in laws . Panganai Java you’re actually disgusting and I think it’s time you come out of the closet

 Tell em how you really get down . This behavior has gone too far and I blame vanokusekerera.

You’re literally a drama Queen you live for likes and retweets. All you do is insult people and try to be funny when you’re really not , you gamble in casinos then turn back to use the name of God in vain. You’ve destroyed the music industry iwe , anything you touch you break . You find relevancy in people’s names. Basa rako kutora credit for basa revamwe . Chillspot made you , but after wafamba with some of the artists you’re leeched the life out of them . You’re a parasite . Watsamwa kuti ndabvunza kuti unoti “tisiyei” iwe nani .

Uko haukwane ku tax bracket iro ukati let me insert myself mukati like a tampon as always. I didn’t use anyone’s name for a come up like you everything I am it took years to built . Put some respect on my f*cking name, you’ve disrespected me a couple of times and I kept it moving, not today . What have you actually done for the society chaunongoda imbiri. Basa tuma skits tusina kana basa.

I pity those you lay those filthy hands on . But manje inini handikukwate. Hausi Gafa and you’re really not what you say you are . Because Mari yacho yaunoswero tinyangadzira hauna. You can’t even built a house ? Or have a fleet of cars here in ZIM that actually belong to you . Chako ku hire mota dzevamwe . For you to go and come for my looks shows how shallow and pathetic you are. Don’t make me post them screenshots . Because I will. That other time you asked me to fight with you on FB I refused you went on to post about me . Play with your kids and your girlfriends not me I’m not the one . You’re mad you tried to get with me and I refused . You’re a disgrace to your kind and you really a manifestation of “false prophets” nothing you say or do represents God.

Uri n’anga . Ende unondisvota. I’m writing in English so that your wife and the people you fool can read. You will not bully me like you do other artists, I will be a problem to you if need be I can play that role very well. Try me you weak b*tch!