Drama As Ex Harare City Council HR Boss Vacates Office Soon After Reinstating Himself
23 November 2022
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By A Correspondent| Underfire former Harare City Municipality Human Capital Director Cainos Chingombe reportedly left  Council’s Rowan Martin Building In a huff a few hours after he controversially penned a letter  reinstating himself.

Chingombe faces a litany of corruption and sex related charges during his tenure with the Local Authority.

Last week through his lawyer, Professor Lovemore Madhuku, Chingombe wrote advising the Town Clerk of Harare City Council that he intended to be reinstated since he had been absolved by the Magistrates court of any wrong doing.

In another letter dated dated 22 November 2022 and addressed to Heads of the Human Capital Department, Chingombe unprocedurally penned and signed an illegal memorundum notifying them that he “had resumed his normal duties”.

However, the City Fathers through Acting Town clerk Engineer P Moyo advised him to desist from blantantly disregarding a council resolution passed  in October 2022 directing that a committee be set up to solve the protracted labour wrangle.

“The Council in its sitting on the 20th of October resolved to appoint a 3-member committee to negotiate with a new to find closure to the protracted labour dispute between Dr Chingombe and the City of Harare.
” The 3-member committee has since been appointed and all the matters have been referred to this committee. Your client requested for $30,000,000.00 and this  will be handled by the appointed committee,” wrote the acting Town Clerk on 15 November.

This Tuesday the defiant Dr Chingombe turned up but the local authority scuttled the move. This publication has it on good authority that he had to literally flee huffing and puffing after the Metropolitan Cops pounced on him.

The acting Town Clerk further served him with a letter instructing him not to report for duty.
” Please be advised that my letter to you dated 15 November 2022 still stands, as such you are ordered to stop reporting for duty with immediate effect pending the commencement and finalization of the negotiation process. You will be invited for the negotiations within the next three days.

“You purported resumption of duty is therefore a blatant violation of a council resolution of 20 October 2022 and the letter from local government local board dated 14 September 2022.You are therefore advised to immediately vacate the office,” advised the acting town clerk.

The corrupt ridden Chingombe is facing a slew of allegations that include abuse of office and sexual exploitation of female subordinates and student attachees.

Speaking to this publication, Town House employees described Chingombe as Power hungry.
“The embattled and power-hungry former Human Capital Director seems to love taking the law into his own hands and defying both the Directive of the Local Government Board and a similar Council resolution which ordered that he awaits negotiations over the protracted labour dispute,”said  the employee who identified himself as Mhofu.

Another senior worker  who declined to be named  for fear of victimization voiced the same sentiments.

“He has used his pocket which is corruptly fattened by his relative  Mberikunashe to capture known Councilors to try and undermine the Local Government Board resolution and Council resolution. This surely cannot be tolerated,”.

Chingombe turns 71 in a few months and he has been accused of using a fraudulently  birth certificate which reduced his age. For age cheating he was once  described “as a big shame for a person who bragges of being a Corporate governance champion”.

Efforts  to get a comment from Chingombe and Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume were fruitless.