Zanu PF Erects Torture Base At Mupandawana
23 November 2022
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Gutu Rural Distr Hosp nurses were today instructed not to treat 3 CCC members; Tom Makumbe, Kudakwashe Makumbe & Nhamo Makumbe who were abducted and severely assaulted by Zanu PF thugs.Nurses declined to attend to them despite that one of them could hardly walk and was vomiting blood.

Their mobile phones were crashed into pieces. Gutu Officer-in-Charge, a Myambo refused to open dockets and told the victims to come back tomorrow.

The abductors have been identified as Admire Chimuka, Tawanda Sarukore, Sylevester Mashamba and Samsung Sarukore. The names of three other adductors are not yet known.

The Sarukores are brothers to Zanu PF DCC chairman Josephat Sarukore. Last October Zanu PF thugs killed Zhambe at an illegal roadblock in Gutu.

The torture takes place at a Zanu PF base at Mpandawana High School…

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