Concern Over Chitungwiza Municipality Corruption, Nyatsime Land Scandal
24 November 2022
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Chitungwiza Residents and Rate Payers Association (CHIRRA) is concerned by the duping of hundreds of homeseekers by Chitungwiza municipality.

Residents paid for stands more than a decade ago with some paying in installments in anticipation of them being allocated their stands in Nyatsime area up to now nothing has been done leaving them stranded as town officials always come with endless excuses.

The high levels of corruption in the town has reached another level noone is coming forwad to account for the stands being from the council or local government.

We have seen council officials parcelling out land to barons at the expense of the paid up land owners .

CHIRRA demand an emergency and progressive allocation of land to its rightful owners.The ministry and central goverment officials must take this matter with urgency it deserves.