22-hr Load Shedding Simply Unacceptable
8 December 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says the prolonged load shedding is unacceptable.

Zimbabwe is grappling with a 22-hr load shedding daily.

This, according to CCC, is a sign of Zanu PF failure.

Below is CCC’s statement on the deepening power crisis in Zimbabwe:

ENERGY SOLUTION: CCC believes in building a sustainable environment and prioritising the use of clean energy & this will be achieved through offering various incentives for individuals & businesses to use and invest in renewable energy. Vote for Change, Vote CCC for an interrupted electricity supply.

22 hour load shedding is unacceptable.

A @CCCZimbabwe Govt will:

Modernize our transmission infrastructure
Build more hydro-power stations
Rehabilitate Hwange power stations
Open up the energy sector to independent producers .