President Mnangagwa Musatidaro: Letter To ED
10 December 2022
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His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I just do not understand why our Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner General (CG) is not ticketing traffic violators on Zimbabwe’s roads, especially in Harare using form 280.

Zimbabwe is somehow an abnormal country where drivers can do what they want without fear of being punished (kuita Madiro panzira) . If this continues I will be calling for a serious demonstration against the CG against the oath that he took and swore that he will be protecting the citizens of Zimbabwe including us the road users.

You Excellency Sir, The President of Zimbabwe, CDE ED Mnangagwa our lives are in danger on the street of Harare. Whether one is a driver or a pedestrian our CG is allowing dangerous drivers to drive recklessly with impunity with no prospect of any form or punishment. There is no law and order on Zimbabwe’s streets sir. Mr President Sir, I am kindly requesting you to go undercover and drive in the street and see if you will come out alive in Harare’s traffic jungle. New drivers now believe that breaking the law is allowed and nothing absolutely noting will happen to you when you break the traffic law.

Once again I call for genuine and law-abiding drivers to call for CG to be sacked for not protecting us the citizen of the country he swore to serve.

What is shocking is our parliamentarians are quiet. The truth is most of the do not possess licenses and do not see anything wrong with the driving that these lawbreakers are doing in our streets. By the way, our ZUPCO drivers have joined the club and clearly, they are untouchable.

Law and order is required. We can not lie to the international community that we have law and order when our bad drivers are not punished.

Musatidaro please


Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi