How to Use and Download Betting Apps
10 January 2023
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Online betting has existed for a while now. The rise and popularity of the internet ensure that all bettors can conveniently bet on their favorite sporting events and earn quick money. There are various betting sites in the country, but one of the factors separating the good and the best is the support of mobile apps for betting. Most South Africans own a smartphone; therefore, this aspect created an opportunity for betting sites to create mobile apps to enhance the betting experience and make the activity more flexible.

Betting apps are easily navigable and have all the popular betting options for players. They also do not require bettors to log in multiple times because they can save their personal information on the app upon downloading it and access their accounts whenever they wish. The betting apps are available for both Android and iOS users, depending on the betting site and whether the betting site has designed apps for both operating systems.

How to download Android betting apps in South Africa

Many South African bettors have Android smartphones because they are fairly cost-effective. Betting sites, therefore, have designed mobile apps compatible with the Android operating system. The Google Play store is where Android phones contain mobile apps; however, Google Play Store does not support gambling apps. It is, therefore, hard to find gambling apps on the Google Play store.

With this unavailability, South Africans should use unconventional means to download betting apps on their Android phones. It may take some time to get used to downloading the apps, but once you understand the procedure, it no longer becomes a hassle.

Before downloading the betting app, you should identify the betting site you wish to use and also determine that the site is licensed and reliable. You can go through this procedure by reading the betting site’s reviews online and deciding whether a betting site is worthy of your exploration. Consequently, you should enable your mobile phone to access apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

To enable installing apps from unknown sources,

  • go to your device’s menu
  • Click on “Security.”
  • Click on “Unknown Sources.”

With this simple procedure, you can install the betting app from other sources besides the Google Play Store. It is important to download the app from a credible source or, most preferably, the operator’s website, where they make their apps available for players. It is also important to note that you must confirm every time you are downloading an app because Android devices categorize app sources other than Google Play Store as unknown sources. Therefore, when you confirm, you will be able to download it with ease.

The following procedure will guide you on how to download a betting app on your Android device:

  • Open your browser and search for the betting operator of your choice.
  • Locate the betting app page and click on “Download.”
  • A message will appear on your screen with which you accept and continue.
  • Confirm and install the app.
  • Open the app and start going through the betting options and bet on the markets of your choice.

How to download betting apps on iOS devices

South Africans with iOS devices (the iPhone) should also be excited about betting using mobile apps because they are not left behind. The biggest betting operators in the country have devised apps for iOS. In addition, South Africans with iOS devices are very familiar with the App Store, meaning that obtaining the betting apps and downloading them should be a walk in the park.

Downloading betting apps from the App Store should follow the same procedure as downloading other apps, and this procedure should take a few minutes or even seconds, depending on the internet’s speed and the betting app’s size.

Unlike the Google Play Store, the App Store features many betting apps, which reduces the hassle of having to go through a long procedure of downloading and installing the app from unknown sources. in addition, many betting sites in South Africa will usually have a link to their software on the App Store posted in a position you can easily identify. You can therefore download the apps on your device and examine them for convenience before choosing the one to use regularly.

The best betting apps in South Africa

Now that you know how to download the apps despite the device you are using, the following options should provide you with easier options to try and bet:

  1. Betway: the best betting app in South Africa.
  2. Sunbet: a great betting site with apps for Android and iOS.
  3. Hollywoodbets: an amazing site for horse racing and other sports.
  4. Sportingbet: has amazing apps for mobile betting.
  5. World Sports Betting: the site has an app with various betting markets.
  6. has amazing apps for sports betting and a great user interface.
  7. Playa bets: has amazing betting promotions you can explore.