Pfumvudza Inputs To Buy Votes In 2023 | Video
10 January 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Below is a viral video of ZANU PF Central Committee member, Terence Mukupe addressing villagers in Hurungwe.

We are bringing you a list of all registered voters. Each village headman will bring a list of all people in his Book who are registered. That’s when we are going to catch witches. Is that clear?

It doesn’t work to be taking President Mnangagwa’s phumvudza farming inputs, and [what president Mnangagwa expects is just one thing] when the election day comes, you are supposed to put your X on vaMnangagwa. So you spend the day with us, demanding pfumvudza inputs, and troubling the councillors and the party DCC, and the chairman saying pfumvudza inputs are not enough, and then we discover that you have not registered your name, so prepare yourselves for that day when wr shall confornt each other and square off onthe truth.