Jailed CCC Supporters Denied Food
19 January 2023
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US based NGO, AHOJ (All Hands On Justice) issues a statement condemning the abuse of arrested CCC activists who have been denied food in prison. Statement below:

Lawyers, representing CCC political party supporters, report that their clients are likely going to suffer with starvation in remand prison as the Prison officers have denied them food.

Today, 25 CCC political party supporters arrested for attending a political meeting spent the whole day without food whilst attending court. The prison guard officials said food could only be given whilst at the remand prison. The cut off time for visitations and giving food at the remand prison is 3pm and the bail hearing seasons at court are going past 3pm meaning the 25 will be spending days without food.

Amongst those arrested are people over 70years old and some on medication. Such acts by State institutions is unacceptable and amounts to persecution!

We urge the Prisons and Correctional Services to respect the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Section 227 of the Constitution instructs the Prisons and Correctional Services to be non-partisan, national in character, and professional. Section 50 of the Constitution also clearly states that any person who is arrested must be treated humanely and with respect for their inherent dignity.

AHOJ demands the end of the persecution of these detainees and their continued incarceration.- AHOJ