Robert Chapman Is A Clown, Says Mliswa
23 January 2023
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By A Correspondent| Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has ripped into new kid on the bloc Robert Chapman who fronts the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) saying he is a clown just emerging from the bush without an understanding of politics.

In a Twitter thread, Mliswa says Zimbabwean politics is now filled with dull people who take it as a game yet is about people’s lives.

“It’s unfortunate for us as a country when clowns continuously emerge from bushes on the eve of elections and start showering the public with effervescent nonsense of what they will do when they win. Do these people understand that politics is about people’s lives?

“That’s why our politics, in Parliament and Councils, has become a field of dull people some of whom don’t even know what is going on. It’s all a game to them they have no serious regard for the interests of the people. But as happens in anything, a clown will also get followers.

“Politics is about power& wealth distribution. If we are a people who continuously entertain adventurists, flexing their middle age fantasies, where are we going? Serious politicians should be looking to maximize where there is strength to provide a formidable alternative,” said Mliswa.

He urged Zimbabweans not to entertain Chapman saying he has never held a public office but promises to rule the country.

“Somebody like @DrivenChapman has never been a Councilor or MP, jets in from the blue, no party& no structure, and starts promising to rule the country. How do we entertain such characters seriously if serious about our country? It’s all a pastime to him& he knows it himself,” added Mliswa.

“Dr Nkosana Moyo had a mile better political portfolio and emerged just like this. How did he perform? It shows the futility of such middle age expeditions. It’s a waste of time, people’s hopes and an obscene ridicule to the efforts of all those in the trenches for long.

“Politics isn’t a circus. Of course you can be a clown& have an audience of your own happy-clappers. It’s like POLAD. Filled with Chapmans. What has it achieved? Zilch. It’s a waste of taxpayer’s money. They have abused their democratic right to be a burden on the whole nation,” said Mliswa.