Woman Rapes 8y Old Boy
27 January 2023
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OFTEN, it is men who find themselves behind bars for allegedly having sexually attacked women or girls.
However in this bizarre incident, it is a woman who hankered for and allegedly seduced a toddler.

Ntombiyosizi Ndlovu (41) from Pumula South suburb in Bulawayo is behind bars after she appeared before Western Commonage Court Regional magistrate Sibongile Msipa-Marondodze for having sexual intercourse with a minor aged eight years old.

She pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody to 27 January for trial. A court heard that Ndlovu saw the boy playing with his friends outside his home and instantly lusted after him. She could not control her depraved desires and called him to help read a WhatsApp message on her phone.

The unsuspecting minor respectfully rushed to assist. Ndlovu, who was salivating at the unholy thoughts running through her mind, walked the boy into her bedroom where she locked the door to avoid interruptions.

The court heard, she stripped naked and played with the boy’s manhood and sucked it causing the boy’s sexual temperatures to shoot up.

She had sex with him and that was to be the start of the many sexual encounters that ended in shame for the woman. After the boy had been robbed of his innocence, he allegedly frequented Ndlovu’s house for sexcapades and that ended up raising his grandmother’s suspicion.

With great foreboding, she questioned her grandson. Her worst fears were confirmed.

The youngster sang like a canary, leaving no detail about his numerous sex encounters with Ndlovu. In a daze, the granny staggered to a police station and reported the incident leading to Ndlovu’s arrest. -B Metro