Ken Sharpe In ‘Country’ Leadership Attack Storm
28 January 2023
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By A Correspondent| Harare based property developer Kenneth Raydon Sharpe has castigated the ‘leadership’ for neglecting the country’s infrastructure saying the state of Greenwood Park is a reflection of the rot in the top echelons of power.

This is contained in a video where the controversial businessman is seen touring Greenwood Park in Harare central.

During his tour of Greenwood Park, Sharpe is filmed commenting on the state of the recreational facility which he said has the potential save for leadership which is failing the accountability test, remarks that appeared targeted at the country’s leadership.

“So you see, it has all the potential, it needs some management, you know it’s all about management, leadership starts from the top, In Russia they have a saying that translates in English as the fish rots from its head, so when the fish is rotten, it started from rotting from its head, which means it’s about leadership, everything is about leadership, we have to take accountability…” said Sharpe

Sharpe and his company Pokugara Properties are currently embroiled in endless court battles with businessman George Katsimberis emanating from various land deals.

In one of the cases, Sharpe through his Augur Investments subcontracted Fairclot Investments to construct Airport road before failing to pay them for work done prompting them to seek legal recourse.