CCC Youth Leader Takes On Mnangagwa
29 January 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri| They say what goes around comes around.

The Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa has been strongly warned against tormenting political foes.

However, the Zanu PF frontman who rose to power after staging a soft coup in 2017, is terrorising CCC members at will.

On Thursday CCC Youth Taskforce spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma castigated Mr Mnangagwa for harassing the elderly over political differences.

“A regime that persecutes the elderly must have no peace.

Mnangagwa has crossed the Rubicon fellow citizens! Why abusing senior citizens like this? Retweet to expose the dictator’s cruelty.


NgaapindeHakeMukomana,” Sarkozy write on Twitter.