Mapostori for ED grabs Villagers’ land
31 January 2023
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By A Correspondent| Two self styled Mapostori for ED- Moses Chigariro and Timothy Dandara have been taken to court after grabbing ancestral land in Murehwa.

Chigariro and Dandara who are known Zanu PF supporters took the land to build a private school called St Arnold’s Mission and Zanu PF Mashonaland East chairperson Garwe was earmaked as guest of honour but did not attend the commissioning.

A Musoni villager under Chief Mangwende has approached the Court to stop the construction of a private school on a piece of land he inherited from his late father by the two.

According to papers gleaned by ZimEye, Borniface and Last Musoni who are the first and second applicants in this matter want Moses Chigariro and Timothy Dandara first and second respondents interdicted from occupying and interfering with his piece of land which he said he acquired from his father.

In his founding affidavit, Musoni accused the respondents of using a fraudulently obtained village head stamp to issue a letter claiming that the village head had agreed to the construction of St Arnold Primary School on his piece of land.

“On the 29th of June 2022, while I was in the company of the second applicant, the first respondent called the second applicant to the effect that he was looking for a piece of land to settle on in Musoni village. The second applicant told him that there no vacant pieces of land in Musoni village.

“Sometime between the months of June 2022 and August 2022, the first and second respondents fraudulently obtained a village head date stamp from the village head’s wife and fraudulently used it to issue a letter claiming that the village head had agreed to the construction of the St Arnold Primary School in Musoni village,” said Musoni.

He further told the court that Murewa Rural District Council and District Development offices had no knowledge of the plans by Chigariro and Musoni to construct a school in the area.

“Sometime in September 2022, I then visited the offices of the third respondent to enquire whether they had any knowledge about the intended construction of the primary school and if so, whether any consultations had been done and what was the 3rd respondent’s resolution on the matter. I was told they were not aware of the matter.

“I then went to the District Development offices in October 2022 to enquire whether they were aware of the intended construction of the primary school. I was then told that they were not aware of the matter,” added Musoni.

He further stated that he is now suffering irreparable harm after losing his piece of land and has been left with nowhere to build his homestead and farm on.

“I have not been compensated for loss of my piece of land or consulted of it’d intended use. I am now suffering from irreparable harm after losing my piece of land in that I have nowhere to build my own homestead and a place to farm on though I have been born and bred on the village and entitled to occupy and use my own piece of land,” added Musoni.