Man Robs Women, Forces Them To Perform Indecent Acts
2 February 2023
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By A Correspondent- A Kwekwe man who has been robbing women and forcing them to preform indecent acts which he filmed, has been slapped with a five-year jail term.

Malvin Nyoni (41) was convicted on 3 counts of robbery and 4 counts of criminal insult after robbing five women on different occasions before forcing them to either carǝss and f0ndle themselves or rem0ve their clothes while he recorded the act.

Police had earlier arrested Kenneth Ndabambi over the same charges but he has since been acquitted following the arrest of Nyoni who had been on the run.

Kwekwe Magistrate Mrs Mildred Matuvi slapped Nyoni with a five-year jail sentence for the three counts of robbery and 18 months jail for the criminal insult.

Prosecuting, Ms Ethel Bhumure told the court that on 17 December 2022 around 645PM, the first three complainants who cannot be named for ethical reasons, were on their way home when Nyoni suddenly appeared from the bush.

Upon approaching Drive Inn in Redcliff, Nyoni suddenly emerged from the bush holding a knife and threatened to stab the women if they did not surrender their mobile phones,” the court heard.

The three then surrender their mobile phones to the suspect.

After that he ordered them to remove their clothes before he ordered them to f0ndle each other and play with each other’s privɑtǝ parts while he recorded the scene.

He disappeared into the bush after recording the act.

On 1 January 2023 around 5PM, Nyoni reportedly met another woman near the Golf Course in Redcliff.

He used the same modus operandi to rob the woman and recording pictures of her nudǝ pictures after threatening to stab her with a knife.

On 9 January 2023, Nyoni met yet another woman and recorded another nudǝ video.

He took with him a satchel which contained groceries, school stationery and a mobile phone.

Luck ran out for Nyoni after his last victim saw him with her satchel and alerted the police.

His arrest led to the recovery of the knife used in the robbery and stolen property including cellphones and stationery at his place of residence.

— Chronicle