Remembering An Icon And Honouring A Legacy
16 February 2023
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

On this day 5 years ago we gathered at Freedom Square to send off the founding father of post independence democratic struggle, national hero and then President of the Alternative Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. It is without doubt that he had ran his race and imprinted his name in the annals of our motherland’s history.

As the nation and indeed all democrats across the world remember this giant of history, it is unmistakable that his passing wish and enduring ask was for a new generation to take the unfinished business of the struggle for democracy to the next level.

While we mourned his passing on, our tears of despair became the water drops to grow and strengthen our hope in the emergence of a new, dynamic, grounded and focused leadership in the person of Advocate Nelson Chamisa His ascendence to the top echelons of the democratic alternative was not a fluke or chance.

It represented the confluence of historical forces of vision, mandate, mass movement and charisma. Advocate Chamisa had learnt at the feet of the doyen of democracy.

He had fed of his wisdom and unquestionably represented the best foot forward for the democratic alternative. While a lot has happened since that day, none of it has erased in our hearts and mind the lessons, task and responsibility bestowed upon us to finish what was started in September 1999.

With our Change Champion in Chief at the steering wheel, in this year of our lord 2023 we shall complete the business of change which Dr. Tsvangirai left squarely in our hands.

Rest easy Pakuru