Papa Says Three Times A Day M*sturbation Chases Away Demons
2 March 2023
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The Masvingo controversial magician Pastor Isaac Makomichi has reportedly claimed masturbating three times a day is a good way to chase away demons.

Makomichi made headlines last months after he reportedly used his love spell juju to “reunite mai Denzie with her husband after a big cheating scandal.

Some also claimed that all rich slayqeens are beneficiaries of Makomichi’s love muti.

It is said that the clergy posted in a WhatsApp social media group saying masturbation can perform financial turn around.

Makomichi further encouraged Zimbabweans to masturbate to avoid fornication and prostitution.

Some pastors accuse Makomichi of using secret powers to perform miracles which is said it can make people rich.

“Call him on his number +263777469342, that story is new to me” texted Makomichi’s personal assistant…