#GoldMafia Situation – Godwin Zivavose
30 March 2023
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United Freedom Party leader reacts to Gold Mafia situation

Godwin Zivavose

Fellow Zimbabweans and indeed all concerned citizens, we are again witnessing the extreme shameful illustration of a government that is proving that they are not sensitive to the plight of the general masses.
In the midst of all this mayhem created by the Al Jazeera (Gold Mafia) documentary, one thing has again come out, that national resources are only benefitting a few individuals, whereas as United Freedom Party, we do not stand to determine the facts around the issues raised.
We are however given a glimpse of how as a nation we are going nowhere under the current regime.
It is surely not a surprise at all that the same individuals who have been figured in local tabloids as corrupt individuals, with some being cleared on gold allegations smuggling under dubious technicalities, are the same personalities fingered in the documentary.
Ladies and gentlemen, as they may fail to cleanse this mess or justify, however the reality on the ground is that the nation is being held at ransom by a small clique that has deemed themselves the heirs to Zimbabwe’s natural resources.
As United Freedom Party, we believe that the time is now to take a radical and more robust stance on corruption in country. There is need for more political will to fight this from the root. There is need to sincerely strengthen and capacitate our institutions in fighting against corruption.
The departure point would be to recreate an authentic, sincere and independent commission to investigate on these issues raised in the documentary. The mere fact that there are undisputed faces and facts to it, there is need to move and focus towards unlawful issues raised in the documentary.
The story line is the same from the Diamonds in Marange, the Platinum, and more recently the lithium. These are all precious resources that can lift Zimbabwean economy from this dark hole if and only managed well, with people at heart.
The sanctions mantra that has been forcibly fed on our throats over the years, no longer hold water. Our health system is in shambles, hospitals are a sorry sight, there are no basic drugs like paracetamol, maternity wards have become a mere death sentence to expectant mothers, but when the government is confronted on that , the defence line is sanctions.
How selectively crippling are these sanctions that only affect the health sector, the manufacturing industry and yet turns a blind eye on gold trade.
Whatever justification of using middle men or investors, as they may call it, how then is it possible to beat sanctions when it comes to syphoning resources out of the country but suddenly find hands tied when it comes to providing basic social amenities?

What is sadder is the fact that the ordinary citizens have gone for several weeks without reliable supply of electricity, some places without water in the last 3 weeks on the trot. Forget that water is a basic necessity, but to put into context, Bulawayo metropolitan has gone for 3 solid weeks without running water. It is needless to mention the cholera outbreaks in most parts of the country.
In Ethical terms, one fundi once inferred that a fool is one who does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
In the elections year, it is more prudent for one to vote for change, vote for a better Zimbabwe.

Our country is faced by high levels of unemployment. We have graduates, the youth and economically active groups, who have all been reduced to hawkers. It is no secret that our country has been reduced to tuck-shop economy.

As we gear towards elections, we need to reflect on some of these issues and vote for change.

Nyika haisijere, ilizwe akusilo jele, a country is not a prison

Godwin Zivavose