Masvingo Prophet Seeks to Stop Elections, Wants To Facilitate Unity Government
3 April 2023
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By A Correspondent

The Masvingo preacher Isaac Makomichi has reportedly offered to facilitate unity government between ED and Chamisa (Zanu PF and CCC).

The clergy is known for solving love life issues,gambling oils and miracles including moving of mountains which was described by fellow pastors as pure ” black magic powers”

Makomichi said ED must remain the President and Chamisa will become the Executive President , while they will put in place three vice presidents (two from CCC and one from Zanu PF) and also Prime Minister from Zanu PF and a Deputy Prime Minister from CCC.

” Zimbabwe needs unity and healing , it doesn’t need an election at the moment. The deal will be good for everyone including security forces, especially workers and ordinary citizens.This is just my own point of view as a citizen of this great nation,if they do agree then they can contact me on 0777469342 to give them more details .

The CCC will have to set up a commission to stop corruption while Zanu PF will establish a commission to remove sanctions against our father’s land .

The government will also cut its budget towards high ranking officials so that they can manage to pay their workers , they will be two people’s representatives from every constituency (one from Zanu PF and one from CCC)

The citizens will benefit more,the officials will also benefit even much and our country will become Canaan. I preferred to use social media due to time , our country is in trouble and I want all the parties to hear my advice, a fair and free election will held in 2028 ” said Prophet Isaac Makomichi.

“The counter intelligence team must contact Makomichi to present his idea, they both (ED and Chamisa) knows the name Makomichi ,it’s high time they both take every useful idea,the deal will benefit all sides and also Zimbabweans but if they refuse to take the idea, one of them will regret after general elections,” One senior political analyst commented.