Church Leader Up For Fraud
8 May 2023
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By- Ezekiel Masiyandima, the leader of a Chitungwiza Pentecostal church, has been arrested for fraud.

Masiyandima, 44, leads Ebenezer Prophetic Ministries.

Early this year, he was in the spotlight for dumping his wife of 18 years for a 21-year-old congregant.

He was expected to appear in court over the weekend and initially had a case opened at St Mary’s Police Station under CR Number 65/05/23.
He now faces a fraud charge.
Masiyandima stands accused of having sold a non-existent stand in Epworth to a congregant for US$2 500. According to police sources, the transaction took place in St Mary’s.
When the complainant visited the site in Epworth, he found out that someone had already built a structure at the stand.
This led to the arrest of the man of the cloth.
Earlier this year, Masiyandima crashed into the spotlight when he opted out of his marriage to Portia Chiwanga, 38.
They had been together for 18 years.
He went on to marry a younger woman, Melania Madamombe, 21, a development which divided the church.
Masiyandima argued his first wife was accusing him of witchcraft as the couple had lost three of their five children in mysterious circumstances.
This, according to allegations by the former wife, happened after the prophet had visited T.B Joshua’s SCOAN in Nigeria.
He is alleged to have also made a visit to see the late Nigerian prophet’s wife, according to Chiwanga, who went on to label her estranged husband a womaniser and abuser.