Kutama Teachers In Embarrassing Nudes Scandal
9 May 2023
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By- Two teachers senior at Kutama College are facing disciplinary action after their nude pictures went viral on social media.

The two teachers at the Catholic-run school, Vincent Makandiodza Masangwi and Rumbidzai Chatambarara, had a long-running secret relationship.

One male teacher said Masangwi’s wife exposed the two’s illicit affair by posting the nudes she found on his cell phone on social media.
“His wife was incensed when she saw the two lovebirds’ pictures in Masangwi’s phone, and posted the nudes,” said the teacher.
He said some teachers had long suspected the two to be romantically involved as they always spent most of their time together.

“They are both in the Commercials Department and Chatambarara supervised Masangwi as the HOD.”
Masangwi teaches commerce in O-Level and A-Level business studies, while Chatambarara teaches business studies and business entrepreneurship.
Another teacher said after the nudes leaked, Chatambarara went to her parents’ house in Norton.
The incident has caused a stir at Kutama College, with some parents expressing concern about the moral standards of teachers at the school.
The Catholic-run institution is known for its academic excellence and has produced several notable personalities.
The two teachers are yet to comment on the matter, and it remains unclear if the authorities will take any disciplinary action against them.