Embarrassed Mnangagwa Withdraws State Thievery Law
10 May 2023
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By James Gwati-The Government has withdrawn a notice published Tuesday banning the disclosure of state procurement details on health assets.

The backtracking comes after a public outcry on the latest legislation authorising government thievery.

In a statement Dr Misheck Sibanda, the Chief Secretary in the office of the President and Cabinet, said General Notice 635 of 2023 is a nullity. He said:

His Excellency the President, Dr ED Mnangagwa, has been made aware of some document gazetted as General Notice 635 of 2023, purporting to place the procurement of certain goods outside public scrutiny, on grounds of “national interest”. Upon further investigations, it has- come to light that the so-called Government Gazetted Notice is a nullity, having been published without authorisation, and without the signature of the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, as is the norm. While further investigations are underway, Government wishes to advise the public that, on the instruction of His Excellency the President, the document in question has been rescinded as it has no standing at law, in policy and in terms of set Government procedures. It thus should be disregarded.

Government remains committed as ever to managing a transparent public procurement policy and process, as required b the laws of the country.

In General Notice 635 of 2023, President Mnangagwa declared that procurement details of public health assets will not be disclosed for “national interest.” The Office of the President and Cabinet said the declaration is in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act.