Sticky Fingered Khupe Exposed
20 May 2023
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By A Correspondent- A man from Maphisa in Matabeleland South was recently arrested for allegedly leading an armed robbery gang in the city.

Limukani Khupe, owner of multiple businesses in Maphisa, Homestead and Sun Yet San, showed up at a rural clinic two months ago with a gunshot wound in his hand. Clinic staff hesitated to treat Khupe’s wound without a police report but eventually intervened to save his life.

Khupe claimed he accidentally shot himself while investigating a suspicious noise. Despite his explanation, villagers described Khupe as having a flashy lifestyle and suspicious wealth, fueling rumours he used his businesses for money laundering from illegal activities.

Police arrested Khupe last week for allegedly leading a gang responsible for a string of armed robberies. Officers found a licensed revolver under Khupe’s name.